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(English) Sonya
Yaş 22
Milliyet Russian
Yükseklik 170
Ağırlık 57
Meme büyüklüğü 3
vücut 90-60-91
saç Sarı
Gözler Kahverengi
Dil İngilizce, Rusça,
Ülke Türkiye
Şehir: İzmir
Çalışma saatleri 24/7
kayıt Tarihi 22/03/2017
(English)   Possessing a beautiful fancy girl from Izmir escort agency is already a piece of happiness. But possessing a girl like this is something very delightful as she is gorgeous beyond all praises! Perfect skin, adorable face, fantastic curves of her body, deep thoughtfulness and many other things are intertwined in this girl that is ready to be your next goddess of love for tonight and many more days after if you dare. Do not restrain yourself back from possessing this beauty, as she wants exactly the same as you do – hot, effervescent and brisk sex, sparkling in all sides, and fizzing as if you have just met (which is true).


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