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(English) Izmir escort dressed up as a dog is ready to copulate

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“Here, put this on,” he told Maria from Eskortlar Izmir.

“Is that a big dog costume?” She asked.

“Yea, I wanna see you in it, put it on.”

That was the start of their date arranged on her territory. A client came in the set time and brought a human-big-sized costume of a dog. It was brown-and-white, where white were only tips of paws, belly and a part of a muzzle, and the rest was brown. The muzzle was friendly and the overall impression from this puppet dog was overly positive.

“Get in there naked. I wanna have a free access to your body once this thing is on you,” he spoke.

That was okay for her – inside of the costume, it was very warm, and it was early summer, so she didn’t mind to be naked in it.

As she put it on, she saw the openings between the legs under the tail and small ones where her nipples supposed to be. The costume was the thought-through thing. Eskortlar Izmir pussycat loved the idea – as it was original and for the first time in her life.

“Astounding, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” An eskortlar Izmir lovely pussycat replied and stepped into the room where a client was waiting for her. Already naked. His dick was erected and waiting for her smooth and tight crotch.

“I wanna eat you all”, he told and approached her. At first, he was palpating a girl’s body through the fabric. Then, he put his palm between her legs and made her put legs wider to have a free access to her soft labia and entrance to the vagina.

Eskortlar remarkable pussycat is definitely wanted by all men that are looking at her right now

The girl’s intimate place was heated up a little, because of desire and the absence of ventilation inside this costume. It was pretty tight to her medium-height body and when she moved, a tail swung from side to side making semblance to the real tail of an animal.

He made her dance striptease for him only not stripping, just moving like that. It was a hilarious show, during which he actively smiled and one time, even giggled. Despite that, as he was naked, he jerked off a little, from time to time, to stay tuned to the sex wave. Or maybe the view of dancing human-like dog amused him.

In 10 minutes, he stopped her and grabbed her waist. Took her to the bed and put her in the bent-over pose. Now, she was a dog in the doggy pose 😉

Having intentions waiting no more, he penetrated the girl. It was very easy as she was greased with sweat running from her up to this moment. The erected cock plunged into the malleable flesh of a succulent girl from eskortlar Izmir and the motion started. He was holding a girl at her waist and it was enough to make their conjunction steady and reliable. From time to time, he put his hands on her breasts or thighs and got high from the fact that she is so naked underneath this cloth, that she is all his only and no one’s more in this moment.

The girls’ breasts were bouncing under the clothing and he felt all of her. She was mounted onto his cock and he was cumming soon. When he did, he became motionless for some time. She did not move either and was breathing heavily because of heat this costume gave to an eskortlar Izmir girl.

He exited, took off the rubber, got wiped and put on another one. This time, he entered into a girl’s anus hole. And the sensations were even greater – she was tight and bouncy inside of it. The motions began and a girl was also getting high from this fucking – from the fact that she was penetrated from the back (she got especially excited from it) and from the fact of being dressed in a doggy costume. When he seemed to cum, she was also close to an end but did not have enough time, maybe a half a minute or so, to reach an orgasm.

When a client left to take a shower, she dropped off this dog costume and plunged fingers inside a pussy and a butt hole. Now she was alone the master of own sensations. Fingers were driving inside, sliding on her natural grease abundantly mixed with sweat. One, two, three, four, five, six, … Here she comes… Powerful sparkles started roaming all her body in a second, running from tiptoes to the end of fingers and up to sinciput of the head to make all the path again two or three times in a row.

Client exited from the shower room to see nothing but a naked girl zealously masturbating on the bed…

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