1555 /into-unusual-situation/

One of new girls Izmir gets into unusual situation

I did not dare to get acquainted with one handsome guy for a very long time – a regular visitor in one of my favorite night clubs. In the end, I managed to do that and he invited me for a date. By seven PM, I was already in his spacious immodestly furnished apartment. He immediately took me to the bathroom, told me to wash my hands and to go into the living room, which I did. The living room impressed with its size and decoration. There was video equipment in the corner. I noticed that there is a camera on the TV. I was a little embarrassed at first, but soon I got used to it. In the other corner of the room was a table with a variety of dishes. Richard said “Take off your clothes.”

I was taken aback and looked at him in bewilderment, wondering if I had misheard what he had told me so easily like to one of new girls from escort. But he repeated his order again. Richard said that even my lingerie needed to be removed so as not to get dirty. I became nervous. I saw as the camera turned on now, but curiosity overcame modesty and now I was completely naked. Within a minute, I was firmly tied with my hands and feet, lying on the coffee table. My legs were widely spread. The wood of the table was cool and smooth. It was exciting, like my pose. I was looking at the camera.

“And the last detail,” said Richard. He tied my eyes with a broad velvet ribbon. I really felt myself like one of girls escort.

Then I heard some rustling sounds, and saw a flash of the camera. After the man took a few pictures, he briefly left the room, and I remained there, tied to the table, unaware of what awaits me further.

One of new girls Izmir in a blouse with a cut out neckline is ready to please you with her magnificent figure

Suddenly the doorbell rang. I shuddered and felt a strange tension between my legs. Even a kind of excitement as if I was a perverted new escort girl.

Soon I heard voices and soft steps on the carpet. I could distinguish three voices; one of them was female. A woman approached me and whispered softly stroking my hair, but I did not hear what. And suddenly I felt something soft and warm.

– These are wonderful mushrooms in hot sauce. And this, – I felt something cold – is red and black caviar.

Afterwards, I was laid out some more salads, snacks, and canapés, leaving a free place around the navel. While a large part of my stomach remained free. At the end of serving, spaghetti was laid out. I obviously was like one of new escort girls and I enjoyed it…

In the process, it really started to please me, at least to my body. My breasts so hungered for other people’s touch. I imagined how I look now, tied to a table, crucified, smeared with sauce and various dishes, in a circle of some people-strangers.

I noticed that one of the guests began to use me much more boldly. I really hoped it was Richard, at least I knew him. Someone’s fingers laid out all my already wet pussy with caviar and poured champagne over it. A puddle of intoxicating drink was formed under me soon.

Richard said that I should help him cook the sauce. This was so exciting and made me even hornier – probably, that is what new girls in escort experience. With these words, he opened my mouth and stuck his excited cock. I shook my head, but someone tightly squeezed my nipples, reminding me that it was not up to me to decide, and I began obediently sucking an impressive dick. He kept trying to push it right into my throat because of what I twitched and the champagne spilled out all over.

“Oh, the sauce is ready,” chattered the guest with a low voice. The next minute, he began to lick the caviar from my desiring pussy.

I began to suck the skin flute in my mouth more actively, while not only the tongue of one guest, but also the fingers of a lady were already working in my pussy. I could not think about what the last of the guests was doing. The muscles of my vagina sharply reduced. They did not stop caressing my clitoris. I moaned no longer and howled with pleasure. All of a sudden, everything was interrupted and the man said that until I make Richard cum, he will not caress me between my legs.

I began to fondle the penis and eggs with my lips and tongue. I let him penetrate deep into my throat, licked his eggs. The cock moved faster, now he set the rhythm. He yanked his penis out of my mouth after a while and began to finish copiously on me. Sperm flew to my chest and stomach, and at that time, I finished under the skillful tongue of another man. What an unforgettable evening…

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