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Escort girls Izmir take adrenaline in their hands surrendering to the element naked

I’m flying in the air. Naked. I feel as my body is surrounded by very springy currents of warm air in which I’m flying. No, not flying – falling down. There are two behind my back: an instructor and a parachute worn on the instructor. All three of us are firmly connected to each other. If my instructor was naked, I could call our mutual pose as ‘fucking from the back’, as his penis now was very close to the entrance to my pussy. He wore trousers and pants but I felt him very good with the rest of my body – from the upper part of my buttocks to the scapula on my back and even a lower part of the head.

I wore only protective glasses to look at everything around evenly and had earplugs in my ear channels to prevent the roaring whistle of wind in the ears. This time I really thanked god that I had not too large boobs – between the first and the second size, as they were not blown up by the wind – the other escort girls Izmir who jumped together with me, the same naked (there were 4 of us), had bigger boobs and now they were blown by the wind inside of their bulkiness, making them look weird, as if a dome or, if you prefer so, a cupola. If you want to understand, what I mean – take a strong blow of an air into your mouth and see how inflated it becomes – the same is with soft breasts that are blown up from the nipples to the sides, getting the form of an inflated tent. Anyway – it looks hilarious and I even made fun of them. Girls Izmir didn’t expect such outcome either so we all had several funny moments looking at each other and emphasizing this fact with gestures.

We, escort girls, had a free fall equal to 3 minutes until the parachutes were opened and we were as if lifted up suddenly and abruptly. Straps of my lashing pushed my skin on legs, below the breast, and shoulders, and we took the vertical position in some seconds. From this moment, I suddenly felt so quiet and tranquil: there was no more wind in the ears, and I turned my head up and down, right and left, enjoying the picture of patchwork fields under our feet and warm sun in the skies. The sun warmed me up. I never expected to have such an appeasement being about a kilometer up in the air with my legs and feet freely hanging down. I even lifted my legs upper, now feeling an exciting movement of air right to my pussy and a butthole – it was so unusual and alluring that I immediately loved that feeling and was hanging on the straps in this pose for other several minutes of our flight. I suppose it must have been devilishly exciting from below, to observers of our flight if there were any 😉 Anyway – I saw as my other friends from Izmir escort service agency tried to do the same but either they didn’t like it or what – they were just hanging their legs down pretty soon.

One of the escort girls Izmir shocks with the finest image of her sexy body and fabulous face, but even more she pleases with too nice breast that it is hard not to notice

Two of us, escort Izmir pussycats, have decided to put a paint on their bodies as if they were on the warpath and tried to scare away their enemies J Or maybe they were just promoting the colors of sponsors of their jump – I don’t know, I took money from nobody, I just did the jump for my own pleasure.

When we landed, I felt so much excitement that I started to kiss my instructor immediately right after he unstrapped me. I could do it because we landed not on the planned site but about a kilometer away (due to the side wind during the last mile of the flight) in the forest and so there was nobody around but just us. I unbuttoned his pants right away and took his dick into a palm. He understood everything without a further push and entered into my pussy that required no greasing, as I was wet from tremendous desire to copulate with a strong male, a ruler of the situation. He was so deft up there ruling us on the ground that his assured movements made me feel this way. He was holding my breast with one arm, leaning against the pine tree with the other. I was holding the same pine tree with both hands in order not to fall. In such a doggy pose, I cummed very fast, maybe in a minute and have been waiting until he finishes. When he did, he just exited me and his semen was shot on the foliage under our feet from his trunk. I was super pleased with this jump!

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